To keep you up to date (in case you have the slightest interest) about my dealing with Royal London and my endowment plan, I had a letter from them this week acknowledging receipt of my letter.

It said:

“I am sorry you have had to make a complaint. It is always disappointing when a customer is not satisfied. We take complaints very seriously.

A member of my team is currently investigating the points you raised and will respond to you shortly”

It is signed by the “Complaints Administrator” whose name I shall withhold.

I have to admit it doesn’t read terribly well: “sorry you have had to make a complaint” and “it is always disappointing” both make it sound like I have no business complaining, but I suppose I ought to give them the benefit of the doubt. And let’s hope the response is not too short (in any sense of the word).

I also find it slightly worrying that the company should require a “complaints administrator” with their own “team” – but maybe this is phrased a little grandiosely, as some companies are wont.

Let’s see what happens next.