At the moment I’m trying to read  George Martin’s A Game of Thrones.

There are some books which are hard to put down, but this is one I’m finding quite hard to pick up.

It reminds me rather of D P Gumby’s instructions on flower arranging:

First take a bunch of clichés – swords, portents, heroes, magic, wolves, forests, treachery – then arrange them nicely in a book (or preferably a trilogy).

Who, for heaven’s sake, talks about “rude inns” and expects to be taken seriously as a writer?

Still not as bad as the Eragon books, however, which simply recycle every component of Tolkein and all his followers. Even then Christopher Paolini seemingly suddenly notices part way through the first book that he has made the hero’s opponents waaay too powerful, so has to make the hero superhuman too. Maybe I should cut him some slack as he was only a teenager when he began writing.

Anyway, I shall press on with A Game of Thrones and hope that the next 700 pages are better than the first 100…