To WOODLANDS (Tell out, my soul)

Lord of the harvest, worthy of our praise
for all your gifts of earth and sea and sky.
Our grateful hearts, today and all our days,
we lift to you, our joyful voices raise.

For fruits of earth, the gifts of land and sea,
from field or mine or forest gathered in;
Fruit of our skill and our technology
for grace of life and ease of suffering;

Fruit of our minds, our science and our art,
grown in your image from creator’s seed;
Fruit of our trade, that people far apart
may share their wealth and fill each others’ need;

Fruit of our hearts, love human and divine
to draw us closer day by day to you;
And your great gift, yourself in bread and wine;
Lord of the harvest hear our thanks anew!


Offered under Creative Commons license BY-NC-SA:
(You may use this for non-commercial purposes provided my authorship is acknowledged and any distribution or derivation also uses this Creative Commons licence)