Today the earth completed its 52nd journey round the sun since I took my first breath.

This is a pretty unmemorable milestone (at least in any plausible number base) except that is corresponds to the number of weeks in a year, so I have decided to set myself a challenge.

For each week of the coming year, I will do something new, something I’ve never done before. I’m not going to go mad, you understand – I still have the day-job to take care of, and the bank-balance is not unlimited – but I’m aiming to stave off mental ossification a little.

So it might be:
– reading a new book, preferably by an author I’ve not read before
– listening to a new piece of music, again preferably by an unfamiliar composer
– visiting a place I’ve never been before
– trying a new food (and not just a different curry at the local Indian)
– learning a new skill
– attempting a new physical challenge

I’m sure ideas will come to me as I get into the swing, and if you, dear reader, want to suggest something, I promise to give it due consideration!

Watch this space…