In the third week of my 52 weeks – 52 new things challenge, I visited the church in Ramsey in Cambridgeshire. Despite having known the vicar there quite well for a few years, and despite it being only 20 minutes from home, I’d never been to the town before.

I was delighted to find the church open, and even more delighted to find it replete with Morris & Co. stained glass! The first window to catch my eye as I entered was this one by Burne-Jones:

Nativity, Ramsey by TheRevSteve
Nativity, Ramsey, a photo by TheRevSteve on Flickr.

My only disappointment was that there was no church guide to tell me more about the building and its windows. Eventually I’ll be posting the rest of the windows to Flickr, though not in the 52 Weeks sequence, of course. Onwards…