In week 6 of my 52 weeks – 52 new things challenge I was in charge of tea and cakes for 300 people.

Once a year, on the Feast of Christ the King, the churches of the area get together for an ecumenical knees-up at a local sports-centre. The various churches and groupings take turns with different aspects of the event: this year, it was our turn to handle after-worship refreshments and I was (mainly by default) the organiser.

Cue the borrowing of urns & giant teapots, the purchasing of cardboard cups & FairTrade coffee, the pacing around muttering “serving stations here, here & here”, and the mobilising of an army of cake-bakers.

Waaaaay outside my comfort zone, and definitely something they don’t teach you at theological college! What’s more, a new approach in refreshment-delivery for the event based on feedback from last year. So, gulp.

But it all worked – everyone fed, watered and sent home happy. Tick.