Week 14 of my 52 weeks – 52 new things challenge took me to a new place – Aberystwyth – to visit my son at university.

It’s a bit of a trek from Cambridge, not helped by significant snow west of Welshpool. We were at a standstill for a long time behind a lorry which had slithered off the road, and I wondered whether we were in for a night in the car! What we had hoped to do in 4 hours took us nearer 7, but we made it.

Aberystwyth wasn’t at its most beguiling, I suspect, on a damp, grey February day, but it did have the bustle which comes from a university full of students – especially the day after exams had finished!

We had a tour, which was slightly heavy on eating &  drinking establishments, but then the university is not one which has oodles of mediaeval architecture, unlike some closer to home (though it does have the Welsh National Library).

We made sure our son was well-fed (with curry, naturally), stocked his cupboards (which is what parents do, right?) and headed home. Without snow.