Here is a possible extended preface for use with the appropriate Eucharistic Prayers in Common Worship. I wrote it this early morning to go with today’s sermon, but I guess it would do for other Sundays too:

It is indeed right and good
to give you thanks and praise,
almighty God and everlasting Father,
through Jesus Christ your Son,
who laid aside his majesty
and emptied himself to become one of us.
Truly human, he suffered all that we suffer:
in hunger, rejection and death
he took up all our infirmities.
Tested to the end, he persevered,
and so triumphed over sin and death.
When he had accomplished our salvation,
he took up what he had laid down
and returned to your right hand in glory.
Therefore with angels and archangels
we lift our voices to worship you, Lord Almighty,