(lots of catching up to do)

In week 17 of my 52 weeks – 52 new things challenge I was still in Rome, which I think still counts, because we saw lots of new things as one week shaded into the next. The new things included, of course, visiting the Vatican on the day the Pope resigned…

Anyway, here are some impressions of Rome: eye-wateringly expensive (even though some things, such as entry to the Colosseum, were surprisingly cheap); lots of beggars, many of them remarkably healthy-looking; flocks of people (mainly apparently from the Indian subcontinent) selling either sunglasses or umbrellas, depending on what the weather happened to be doing at that moment; lots of Smart cars (much easier to park than anything bigger); lots of Japanese tourists; crazy taxi drivers (maybe that’s just normal for a big city); and oranges growing on trees!