There are times I hate being an introvert.
Imagine the scene: 20 people in a big circle being invited to discuss a huge topic with many facets which has just been presented to them.
Of course, there are some extroverts who launch in immediately and start batting ideas around.
I, on the other hand, am still thinking.
By the time I have reflected on point 1 and sorted out my ideas well enough to speak, the extroverts are on point 3. At least.
Eventually, one of the extroverts notices that I haven’t said anything, and in an effort to be supportive and inclusive, says “So, Steve, you haven’t said anything yet. What do you think?”
I now have two choices:
I can drag the discussion back to point 1, and appear slow, or
I can say something half-baked on the current point, and appear stupid.

(Any resemblance to actual persons or events is only to be expected)