Genesis 21-24

The promised son is born, grows up, and is sacrificed. Almost.
A disturbing story, especially at a time when the proposal to allow the euthanasia of children is being discussed in Belgium.

This glass is part of a window in St. Andrew’s Church, Chesterton, Cambridge, and there is a personal story to go with it:

Two years ago at a diocesan clergy conference, I was in charge of the audio-visual desk. The speaker was taking questions after a study session on these chapters of Genesis and the vicar of St. Andrews, in passing, mentioned this window. Knowing I had this photo, I put it up on the main screen. The vicar looked up, said “yes, that’s the one” and continued with the question.
I lost count of the people who came up to me afterwards to express amazement. But doesn’t everyone have hundreds of relevant stained glass windows on their computer? No? Oh.