If I ever saw the following job advertised, I would be quite keen, actually…

The Watership Downs benefice is a group of 8 small parishes on the coast of Barsetshire. We have been without a vicar for 8 months, and we would love you to consider coming to join us. Our congregations are small and mainly elderly, and we have trouble raising all the money we need. We have thought very hard about our future, and we have come to some conclusions.

As a group of parishes we have realised that:
– If we want to survive, we must work together, ignoring old boundaries
– Things cannot continue as they always have done
– We are the church in the community, it is up to us to be visible
– If we want children and young people in church, we must change to make them welcome
– A vicar is just one person who can only be in one place at one time
– We, together, are the church, and its thriving is the responsibility of each one of us

We commit to:
– Pray for our vicar and make sure s/he has proper time and space to live as well as work
– Offer our gifts and ideas without waiting to be asked
– Work hard as the whole people of God in the service of the Gospel
– Try new things and decide afterwards, rather than beforehand, whether they will work
– Let go of old things to make way for the new things which God will do in and through us

Are you someone who will
– Gently remind us of all these things, regularly?
– Preach the Gospel with us and to us?
– Pray with us and for us?
– Lead our worship?
– Show us ways we might grow, as disciples and as a church?
– Guide us through the changes which will come?

If so please contact…