I am writing to you, as my constituency MP, in the light of yesterday’s referendum, and its immediate aftermath.

First, thank you for your efforts as part of the Remain campaign, and for the part you played in the result for South Cambridgeshire!

As was clear from the beginning, while the referendum result is an indication of the mood of the nation, it is not binding on the government. There is still the possibility of remaining in the EU, though it will require parliament to have political courage of an extremely high order.

I beg you to use every bit of influence you have with your colleagues, both government and opposition, to prevent the UK from leaving the EU. The referendum campaign has already caused grievous damage to our nation, and to the whole EU. That damage would be compounded and made irrevocable by the activation of Article 50.

The vote to leave is a terrible mistake – the call from the EU to begin Article 50 negotiations immediately, the new likelihood of the UK breaking up, and the immediate reneging on commitments from the Leave campaign, all make that abundantly clear.

Please do all you can to avoid that mistake becoming just the prelude to an even more fatal one.

With best wishes,

Steve Day