Stained Glass in Huntingdonshire: A Field Guide

Stained glass windows will appear high on anyone’s list of distinguishing features in an English parish church. They are beautiful works of art which also tell a story.

This fully illustrated Guide is a companion for church visitors which unlocks that story by giving pointers to the themes in the windows, and the artists behind them.

Lavishly illustrated in full colour, with 35 full-page photographs and many smaller ones, the Guide’s 96 pages take the reader on a journey through the Bible using the medium of stained glass.

For every scene, the Guide describes the key features being illustrated, and introduces the artists and manufacturers behind the window.

Though the Guide concentrates on the parish churches of Huntingdonshire, it will prove its worth everywhere: the same themes, and many of the artists and manufacturers described, appear in windows in churches across the country.

The Guide concludes with a complete list of all the stained glass windows in Huntingdonshire parish churches.

The Guide will add to the enjoyment of anyone who has ever appreciated the beautiful colour and artistry of a church window, whether in Huntingdonshire or elsewhere!

The Guide is priced at £10.
(Plus £2 for first-class postage in the UK if required. International postage rates on request)

How to buy the Guide

It’s on sale at:

The Stained Glass Museum in Ely Cathedral
The Norris Museum in St. Ives
St. Neots Museum
The Cromwell Museum in Huntingdon
Soham Books, High Street, Soham

Or can be obtained directly from the author by emailing

ISBN 9780995524422


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